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13 Nov 2017

Screening with Ibu Risma

    Citizens of Surabaya undoubtedly know who Ir. Tri Rismaharini, M.T. is, who is casually called as bu Risma. The Major of Surabaya has been known as a national figure due to her style of leadership which is always has the willingn...
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10 Nov 2017

Battle of Surabaya Movie Screening

Battle of Surabaya, or also known as November 10th, overwhelmingly succeeded in making its way to the official selection of Milan IFF 2017. This film festival was held in Milan, an old city called mailand in the north of Italy, this beautiful ci...
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3 Nov 2017

MSV Studio Supporting Animpiade 2017

Indonesian Animation is moving forward and just getting better. This can be seen from how many national animation events has been held. On 1-5 November 2017, ANIMPIADE 2017 is held in Rumah Kreatif Yogyakarta. This event complemented other previous n...
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27 Oct 2017

Battle of Surabaya Fan Art Contest

MSV Pictures supported artist community JAVA | Talk Through Art to conduct Battle of Surabaya Fan Art Contest on 21 September 2017 – 16 october 2017. This support was given as an appreciation to society (in this case is an art community) f...
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23 Oct 2017

MSV Pictures 15th Anniversary

  Monday, 16th October was a memorable day for MSV Pictures which was turning 15 and had a celebration party as well. The event was held in cinema, 4th floor of building 6 of Amikom University Yogyakarta. The cinema-designed room completed with...
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13 Oct 2017

Kids Cosplay Contest of Baros International Animation Festival 2017

Baros International Animation Festival is an animation festival held in Baros, Cimahi, West java, Indonesia. This festival which accommodates all film genres was started in 2009 after Cimahi Creative Association (CCA) was founded. It also...
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13 Oct 2017

Battle of Surabaya Gaining More Glory in IFF Berlin 2017

Not wanting to stop in gaining more international achievements, Battle of Surabaya won Best Animation in Berlin IFF 2017 in October 2017, after winning the same category in Nice IFF 2017.   One of the best international animation awards, IFF, p...
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9 Oct 2017

Battle of Surabaya in Official Selection of IFF Milan and Berlin

Battle of Surabaya that was released in cinemas all around Indonesia in 2015, still succeeded in many international film festivals up to now. After some awards successfully won, this Indonesian first animation movie achieved another honor as a nomi...
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29 Sep 2017

Anang-Ashanty Official Visit

Anang-Ashanty, a well-known celebrity couple visited MSV Pictures on Friday, 22nd September 2017. Warmly welcomed by all the crew of MSV Pictures, Anang looked around the workplace of this international film studio.   Anang Hermansyah is famou...
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25 Sep 2017

Ajisaka Animatic Screening

One of the most important animation-making processes that is always done by MSV Pictures is animatic screening which is the screening of hand-drawn animatic built from the storyboard. This process is crucial to reveal the plot and technical things wh...
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