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29 Sep 2017

Anang-Ashanty Official Visit

Anang-Ashanty, a well-known celebrity couple visited MSV Pictures on Friday, 22nd September 2017. Warmly welcomed by all the crew of MSV Pictures, Anang looked around the workplace of this international film studio.   Anang Hermansyah is famou...
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25 Sep 2017

Ajisaka Animatic Screening

One of the most important animation-making processes that is always done by MSV Pictures is animatic screening which is the screening of hand-drawn animatic built from the storyboard. This process is crucial to reveal the plot and technical things wh...
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22 Sep 2017

The Cooperation between MSV Pictures and Tarumanagara University

On Tuesday, 13th September 2017, contract signing between MSV Pictures and Tarumanagara University Jakarta was held. The contract embodies commitment of both institutions on developing Indonesian animation and bring it to a higher level. Aryanto Yuni...
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20 Sep 2017

International Program with UiTM

Friday, 8th September 2017, was one of the most memorable nights for the five students of MARA University of Technology (UiTM) , for they were given a farewell dinner in Waroeng Raminten located in Jalan Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. Those five students w...
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20 Sep 2017

MSV Pictures Lecturing

September marks a beginning of a new academic year in most Indonesian universities. In this academic year, MSV Pictures which is already qualified in animation industry, requested by Amikom University to support the teaching-learning process.  ...
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18 Sep 2017

Battle of Surabaya, an Object for a Netherlands’s Doctoral Thesis

Arnound Arps, a lecturer of Amsterdam University, made his visit to MSV Pictures. Dazzled by Battle of Surabaya which succeeded to be nominated in Holland International Festival official selection last year, he decided to make it as the object o...
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5 Sep 2017

Battle of Surabaya is on Theatre Now

Some of the anime lovers in Indonesia might not have the chance to watch Battle of Surabaya which was on theatre few years ago, either because there was no theatre in their city or because of the very short period of the film release. Moreover, ...
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24 Aug 2017

Studio Cluster Developing

Nowadays, indonesia is developing animation infrastructure. After proposing of Animation Valley, MSV Pictures is now joining Bunda Mulia University —a university situated in Pademangan, South Jakarta, which concerns in preparing the studen...
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23 Aug 2017

Illustration Studio

Illustration studio is a studio that provides various projects from around the world. In the domination of Disney, Southeast Asia prooves its studios cannot be underestimated. In fact, there are three big studios that can definitely cope with ...
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8 Aug 2017

SICAF as a Benchmark for Indonesian Student

SICAF International Film Festival 2017 finally announced Release from Heaven by Ali Noori Oskouei from Iran as the grandprize winner of the year. The same category as what was achieved by Battle of Surabaya in 2016.   There are three...
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