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Hey guys, Yumi-Geisha is here! Today, I'm going to review an animated film that comes from my country, Indonesia, that most people don't really know.



Battle of Surabaya is an animated film which is made in Indonesia (by STMIK Amikom, Yogyakarta). Its graphics are influenced by Japanese anime.  The film is released in 20th of August, 2015. It is adapted from one of the most famous wars in Indonesian history, the Battle of Surabaya.


The story tells about Musa, a 13-year-old shoe shiner, who meets Yumna, a girl from Japanese descent, and also Danu. It also tells about the war which destroys Musa's house and killed his mother by an organization called "Pemuda Kipas Hitam". This organization also brainwashed Yumna in the series.



The first conflict begins with Musa's meeting with a Japanese emperor, Captain Yoshimura, who was killed later on by an mysterious organization. He is also targeted. So, he secretly works as a messenger to deliver secret messages to certain people, due to his young age.



Well, this animated film is ok. The animation is good, however the plot is a bit bland in the middle of the story. There are some changes that are not suitable in the story. If only the story could be better...


And yes, too much romance that is irrelevant to the story (the love triangle between Musa, Yumna, and Danu) could make the plot ruined more. The others (animation, voice acting, and character development) are ok. Even, some famous Indonesian singers voices some of the characters.



Story: 5.5/10

Character Development: 7.5/10

Animation: 9/10

Voice acting: 8/10


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