History of MSV Studio

Mataram Surya Visi Ltd. was established on 19 June 1993, running a business providing service in outdoor advertising. In 2000, the business developed to indoor advertising including TV commercial advertisements. In the same year the business expanded and became a Production House which developed from its previous advertising service such as consulting services, company profile production and also post production service for TV stations. In year 2002 the business developed into animation film production as a research project. The result of this research used for enfolding the animation film education of its parent company AMIKOM University in Yogyakarta. Apart from that, it was also used for serving the govermental necessities in expanding animation in Indonesia.

Specifically in this case the animation division started to expand through accepting governmental and private projects since 2005, among others were the Minister for the Environment (ACIL), Center for Educational Communication Technology of Yogyakarta (6 episodes), Nada Cipta Nurani Ltd. in Jakarta (Nabi Kidr dan Nabi Musa), Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia (Baruklinthing), and a company in Singapore. The animation division of Mataram Surya Visi Ltd. which is well known as MSV Animation achieved several local and international awards. In year 2008 achieved an award as one of the "Best Top 10 International Urbanimation throughout Asia" (The adventures of Abdan: Kites), in year 2009 achieved 2 awards which were "Runner-up for Animation Competition" held by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia (The Adventures of Abdan: the Prize of Honesty) and "Merit Winner" at the INAICTA 2009 held by Departemen of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia (Good Bye World), and was listed in the "Top 10 Animafest" by MNCTV (Briptu Dorman).

In year 2011 MSV Animation changed the name of its brand into MSV Pictures and started working on international projects making 3D Computer Animation Feature Films "Ajisaka: Fire and Ice". The film was written and directed by Tristan Strange (New Zealand). In the same year, a cooperation with KompasTV for the TV series "Petualangan Abdan" was arranged. In 2012 MSV Pictures still continued working on the international 3D Computer Animation Feature Film "Ajisaka: Fire and Ice" which is estimated to be released in 2015. Still in the same year, MSV Pictures also made management rearrangements on two divisions which happened to be the merging of newscasting and production house into one division.