Good Bye World MSV Studio

A male frog fell in love with a female frog, and he\'d do anything to get to her heart. One day, the male frog gave the female frog a mosquito that he caught. Thus, the female frog refused, and her small figured lover got angry and took her away from the male frog. Eventually the male frog became frustrated and heartbroken. Many suicidal attempts was made by the male frog, starting from hanging himself, drinking poison, placing a gun before himself, jumping off a cliff, and so on. Alas, his suicidal attempts were in vain because all he did required a particular condition which the male frog didn\'t have. In the end, after a number of his suicidal attempts, came another female frog. The male frog fell in love with her instantly and kissed her right away, then out of his expectations, he died that very moment because the red frog is one of the venomous frogs that became the cause of his death.