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The Cooperation between MSV Pictures and Tarumanagara University

On Tuesday, 13th September 2017, contract signing between MSV Pictures and Tarumanagara University Jakarta was held. The contract embodies commitment of both institutions on developing Indonesian animation and bring it to a higher level. Aryanto Yuniawan, the CEO of MSV Pictures, attended the contract signing himself, while Tarumanagara University was represented by Toto M. Mukmin S.Sn., M.Hum. as the Head of Visual Communication Design study program of Art and Design Faculty.

The faculty has been showing its commitment to encouragement of Indonesian animation, by conducting Talkshow, Seminar on Animation, Competition of Asiagraph Reallusion Award Local Round, and Animation Studio Expo sponsored by MSV Pictures on Fast Fest 2017. On this big event, Battle of Surabaya was also played on 2-5 May 2017.  

Tarumanagara University was named after a Sundanese kingdom, Tarumanagara, which reached their glory under the regime of King Punawarman in VI century.

This cooperation for MSV is crucial for developing studio cluster after its collaboration with other parties before. Hopefully, Indonesian movie industry—animation movie especially, will get into higher level and get accepted worldwide.

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