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20 Sep 2017

MSV Pictures Lecturing

September marks a beginning of a new academic year in most Indonesian universities. In this academic year, MSV Pictures which is already qualified in animation industry, requested by Amikom University to support the teaching-learning process.


The request was not by accident. As we know, MSV Pictures succeeded in producing Battle of Surabaya which also magnificently won numerous International awards. The award winning indeed attracts freshmen in animation.  

Because animation is uncommon subject in Indonesia, Amikom University needed professional lecturer to handle the subject offered. Amikom University then proposed cooperation with MSV Pictures to give lectures. As the lecturers were from MSV Pictures, it gave big impact to the students’ excitement.

Sujiah, the account administration of Curriculum Division of MSV Pictures which manage the lecturers, revealed that on this academic year of 2017 lecturers from MSV Pictures will teach three subjects for Information Technology department, sic subjects for Information Engineering department, such as Animation study program and Game study program which were recent programs.


Dewa Made Budhi Swardana, one of the managers of MSV Pictures, went to see the lectures himself and told that that freshmen’s enthusiasm is extremely high. “Seeing the faces of freshmen, we do expect that Indonesian animation will get better and better” he added.


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