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Ajisaka The Movie

Long time ago, the world is inhabited by three races, Human, Raksha, and Vidya who live peacefully. Back then, the most precious thing that sustains the livelihood of those three races are the flowers that only grow in the Human land. That peaceful time is destroyed when there is a Rakhsa King, King Chengkar, who wants to control the flowers for the sake of glory and immortality. Raksha rule Vidya and enslave Human. The King of Raksha wants to wipe out the old prophecy which promised there will be a big leader for all the races. The big leader who is fair and wise will be born from the mixed marriage of Vidya and Human. Raksha King commands to kill all the mixed blood children from Human and Vidya. Aji, a mixed blood of Human and Vidya was pursued by King Chengkar armies until he comes to Java to meet a wise Vidya, Dharma. In Jogja, Aji joins the revolt against Rakhsa King’s ruthlessness and lives his destiny to fulfill the old prophecy.