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Lembah Halilintar

This film tells the story about the battle between a young man named Halilintar and his enemy who has super powers. That moment, his teacher got thrown by the enemy\'s powers and died that instance. Seeing this, Halilintar raged to attack his enemy, but he almost ended up like his teacher. Halilintar was losing and covered with blood. Dying, he recalled the images of his friends when they were together building a studio. In his blurred thoughts, Halilintar saw his friends coming to save him. Eventually Halilintar and his friends could take down his enemies one by one. After that, one of Halilintar\'s friends shouted out loud and all of a sudden the setting changed into a street where two troops of high school students were facing each other, and in turned out that the battle he had was only influenced by his obsessive delusion of a massive battle. By the shouting of Halilintar\'s friend, the opposing troop became frightened, and out of expectation a whistle was blown from one of the police troops who came to arbitrate the fight. The students then ran in fear to seek for safety.